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lily allen is amazing i love her if i was gay i would drool over her i wish i had an accent. i think i might just start using one for the fuck af it. eh? ha. michigan is getting better than i thought it would be.  went to a party last night, saw just about everyone that i went to preshcool/elementary school with. good stuff mang. been skating this badass park almost broke my arm, rough tranny. im getting my TEEF pulled on the 8th. i got a job at the thai place up the way from my house, its amazing. im starting my 10 month course of cosmetology school on the 12th, prolly still be f'd up on all my painkillers. uhm...what else..oh been learning some songs on my guitar im kinda pissed bc my 500$ ibanez has a small piece of broken wood on the inside..fuck driving 23 hours across the country with everything you own something was bound to get broken. now it sounds a bit off but im dealing. i wanted to go wakeboarding to day but it started raining at about 5am and is only about 50 degrees outside, guess thats out the window. just realized that a guy i used to hook up with here has a 'girl' guess that explains why my phone calls havent been returned/answered. douche bag. cant people just be friends and not take shit personally, really. i think im going to start writing again, music that is. itll b great. im going to be famous one of these days, just wait and all you fucks who put me down now, youll regret it. true story. so you had better start sucking up. dont worry danielle you will always be on my guest list. and you are probably the only person who will read this, besides myself when im drunk, or 50. actually you prbably wont read this bc it is so goddamn long and pointless and rambly. i dont even care i feel like im talking to myself. enough. okaybye i really need to figure out how to use this thing properly.

Current Mood: awake

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so im here./whooptyfuckingdoo.
im trying to find myself / figure out what to do with my life. im 20 and having a midlife crisis..yay.
i saw georgia rule tonight, and it was absolutly superb! lindsey lohan is a bad ass, no lie.

well im off to watch jackass and sleep, if i can. 

hopefully i will make some new friends tomorrow while skating around town...hehe...hot skater boys??? yess..


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